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Cadillac Makes The Cars, Bravo Makes The Difference.

6555 Montana AvenueEl Paso, TX 79925 Get directions

Sales: (800) 785-6039
Service: (915) 875-1351

  • Dealership Contacts (800) 785-6039
    • Raymond Palacios Photo
      Raymond Palacios
    • Erich Marusich Photo
      Erich Marusich
      General Manager
    • Alex Valmana Photo
      Alex Valmana
      General Sales Manager
    • Roberto Martinez Photo
      Roberto Martinez
      Sales Manager
    • Lalo Ponce Photo
      Lalo Ponce
      Sales Manager
    • Marion Stevens Photo
      Marion Stevens
    • Lydia Rodriquez Photo
      Lydia Rodriquez
      Office Manager
    • Donna Morris Photo
      Donna Morris
      Office Manager
    • Karon Moffett Photo
      Karon Moffett
      Asst. Office Manager
    • Lucy Mendoza Photo
      Lucy Mendoza
      Accounts Receivable/Payable
    • Sylvana Villa Photo
      Sylvana Villa
      Booker Cashier
    • Mary Vasquez Photo
      Mary Vasquez
  • Sales (800) 785-6039
    • Lalo Ponce Photo
      Lalo Ponce
      Sales Manager
    • Joel Navarro Photo
      Joel Navarro
      Used Car/Internet Manager
    • Monica Carrillo Photo
      Monica Carrillo
    • John Brooks Photo
      John Brooks
      Sales Consultant
    • Diana Moreno Photo
      Diana Moreno
      Sales Consultant
    • Joe Moreno Photo
      Joe Moreno
      Sales Consultant
    • David Saenz Photo
      David Saenz
      Sales Consultant
    • Joel Olague Photo
      Joel Olague
      Sales Consultant
    • Alan  Sourina Photo
      Alan  Sourina
      Sales Consultant
    • Jamie Lopez Photo
      Jamie Lopez
      Sales Consultant
    • Adrian Canales Photo
      Adrian Canales
      Sales Consultant
    • Edward Durham Photo
      Edward Durham
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike Magallanes Photo
      Mike Magallanes
      Sales Consultant
    • Paul Paquian Photo
      Paul Paquian
      Sales Consultant
    • Ivan Fierro Photo
      Ivan Fierro
      Sales Consultant
  • Service (915) 875-1351
    • David Elliott Photo
      David Elliott
      Service & Bodyshop Director
    • Mike Rodriguez Photo
      Mike Rodriguez
      Service Advisor
    • Juan Macias Photo
      Juan Macias
      Service Advisor
    • Sally  Knight Photo
      Sally  Knight
      Internal Advisor
    • Charlie Martinez Photo
      Charlie Martinez
      Shuttle Driver
    • Anthony Apodaca Photo
      Anthony Apodaca
      Service Advisor
    • Javier Hernandez Photo
      Javier Hernandez
      Service Advisor
    • Mario Jauregui Photo
      Mario Jauregui
      Service Advisor
  • Parts (800) 785-6039
    • Omar Martinez Photo
      Omar Martinez
      Parts Manager
    • Juan Badillo Photo
      Juan Badillo
      Parts Consultant
    • Mike Romero Photo
      Mike Romero
      Parts Consultant
    • Chapo Provencio Photo
      Chapo Provencio
      Parts Consultant
    • Joe Rodriguez Photo
      Joe Rodriguez
      Parts Consultant
  • Finance (800) 785-6039
    • Abel Marquez Photo
      Abel Marquez
      Finance Manager
    • Freddy Armendariz Photo
      Freddy Armendariz
      Finance Manager