Cadillac Summer Maintenance Tips in El Paso, TX

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Cadillac Summer Maintenance Tips

Getting Your Cadillac Ready for Summer in El Paso, TX

When summer rolls around, we naturally start driving more. Whether it’s a long road trip or a quick summer outing, we all want our cars to be 100% for all our summertime fun. At Bravo Cadillac, we’ve got the services necessary to keep your Cadillac at 100% and make sure it doesn’t have any problems the whole summer long. We’ve put together our top five services to maintain your Cadillac for the summer so that you can see all the ways you can treat your car right.

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Our Five Summertime Maintenance Services

  • Tire Inspection: A simple way to keep you and your loved ones safe is to check on your tires. We make sure your tires’ tread and pressure are where they should be so that you can drive wherever you want without flats, blowouts, or danger from bad tread.
  • Battery Inspection: A car can’t go far if it can’t start up, and so our battery inspection involves not only the standard visual and physical inspection of the battery, but also an inspection of the connections and casing. We’ll also take the opportunity to look at your headlights, high beams, and taillights to make sure those are in working order.
  • A/C System Inspection: Especially here in Texas, A/C can make all the difference in a car ride, no matter if it’s short or long. We’ll go through your A/C to make sure all the parts are intact and you don’t have any leaks that could cause the A/C to start running hot.
  • Cooling System Inspection: Your engine can overheat very easily in the heat, so your cooling system has to be at full capacity to fight overheating. Our certified technicians are experts who can find even the smallest leak or problem with the cooling system, and we’ll also make sure you have the appropriate coolant levels.
  • Engine Performance Check: This service starts with checking your air filter, which is a key part of providing oxygen for combustion to your engine. We then make sure your engine can vent the products of combustion by checking the PCV valve for buildup. Your engine will be making the most of its fuel with our help.


Visit Bravo Cadillac to Get Your Car Ready for the Summer

Our certified service center has extended hours through Saturday so that you have every opportunity to get your car ready for the upcoming heat. We even have home/office delivery if you need to be somewhere while the service happens, as well as rental car services. Call us today or set up your appointment online!

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